“Customer Portal” increases your chances of receiving a job again

We often emphasise that making the customer aware of the progress of their job in every possible way brings benefits not only to the customer, but also to your company. A service well done does not only involve activities that we perform at the customer’s site, but also everything that happens along the way.

In response to your queries, we have created the “Customer Portal” through which your customers will be able, anytime and anywhere in the world, to check the progress of their job and download offers or issued invoices. We also provide the “Knowledge Base” where we can include all the relevant information about our products and more.

Thanks to the developed module, end customers can check the devices assigned to their account and additional information, and download reports from completed jobs assigned to their account, offers and invoices. The message module improves communication between the company and the end customer.

If you would like to enable your customer to be able to log in to the portal, go to the CUSTOMERS tab, find your customer and go to its details. In the lower part of the view, you will find the CONTACTS tab. Click Add, fill out the required fields and agree to granting the relevant person with the access to the portal.

After saving the changes, the system will automatically send, to the specified email address, the information about granting the access and the automatically generated password. After granting the access to a newly created module, the customer will be able to view all previous jobs and documents.

The Customer Portal, in combination with our text message module, is a powerful tool which, if used in a proper way, can increase the percentage of returning customers by up to 65%. During the next few days, we will present you with new additional modules extending the functionality of our application.