FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1What mobile system supports Fieldworker
Android – with Android version 4.2 minimum
2I don't know how to use the application
Concatc us on email, chat or phone and schedule a meeting with our support team.
3How import my clients
Go to the Client tab and click the Import button. You will find there a import file template and instruction how to import the data.
4Which applications integrate with Fieldworker?
All application that allows modules and plugin implementation. If you need any help on this just contact us.
5Why do I need to give you my e-mail address?
Your e-mail is necessary for registration process. You will receive an activation link on it.
6I want to receive VAT invoice
After your payment you will receive an VAT invocie on your e-mail address.
7How can I cancel my subscription?
If you want cancel your subscription and delete your account just send us such information at info@fieldworker.pl. After delete you will receive e-mail with confirmation.