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Fieldworker zaoszczędzi Twój czas i pieniądze

Oprogramowanie do zarządzania pozwala na oszczędzanie czasu i pieniędzy

Software for a technical service business is not only provided for your convenience, but, above all, a means to increase efficiency of your company and, consequently, a way to earn higher profits. Do not be afraid to speak about this. Every business should earn as much as possible, and we have developed Fieldworker to help you do just that.

Our technical service business management software supports easy management of field workers and administrative tasks related to technical services. We make everyday work easier by collecting all information in one convenient place.

Let us take a closer look at what specific benefits you can earn by implementing the Fieldworker application in your business.

Administration and accounting

In the standard model of field service provision, those responsible for formalities have to carry out a multitude of tasks. They have to take care of tasks performed by service technicians, issue invoices, reach customers with documents prepared, oversee payment status, provide their boss and workers with information on arrears, so as not to provide services to those who have not paid for previous jobs.

They can really get lost in all this! Fieldworker software eliminates unnecessary procedures and simplifies those matters that need to be looked after. Your service technician will deal with all the formalities and financial matters at the customer’s site. The accountant will be able to focus on the summary of completed tasks and ensuring the payment status that he will find in the application at any time, in the form of a legible table.

Transport and materials

Planning optimal routes to reach the customer and the schedule of jobs can cause sleepless nights An intricately arranged plan can collapse at any time because additional materials from a meticulously calculated pool will have to be used at Mrs X’s site, even though they were to be used at the end of the day for Mr Y. You return to the base and leave right away or quickly go shopping in an overpriced store. Costs, costs, costs.

However, you can approach the issue in a different way: in an optimal manner! The Fieldworker technical service business management software not only enables to effectively plan travel routes, taking into account the schedule of all mobile workers, but also keep track of the materials and resources used on an ongoing basis. A quick glance at workers’ location and you already know that Krzysiek can reach Jurek in two hours (because their routes will intersect) and give him the materials that the other one will find useful at the end of the day.

Relations with customers

A smiling reindeer or a Christmas tree. Most businesses who operate in a field model understand the importance of building positive customer relations, which involves e.g. sending cards for Christmas and Easter. Those who pay more will get a calendar with company’s logo. So, Miss Kasia is usually in a good mood on the phone and answers to most of the questions she is asked. Sufficient, right?

No! Customer service today cannot only be ‘sufficient’. It should be at least ‘good’. And this does not mean that you have to hire a team of consultants, marketers and sales representatives in well-tailored suits. All you need is technical service business management software that will provide mobile workers with crucial content; point out the information that they should see before completing a relevant job to make a good impression on the customer; show that, for your business, the customer is not just another item in a spreadsheet, but a person with a name and a specific history.


Fieldworker is not only a tool that interconnects your operations. It also gives you an opportunity to improve your work, while reducing costs in every area of operation of your business. Without a costly revolution or wasting time.